Danger in the Kitchen: The Notorious Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuits

In recent years, pressure cookers have gained immense popularity as convenient kitchen appliances that promise to save time and produce delicious meals. However, beneath the allure of rapid cooking lies a dark and dangerous reality that has sparked a series of lawsuits in the United States. Pressure cooker explosions have led to severe injuries, property damage, and, in some cases, even fatalities.

This article will delve into the details of these infamous pressure cooker lawsuits, exploring the causes, legal actions, and implications for consumers and manufacturers alike.

The Rise of Pressure Cookers and the Incidents

Pressure cookers, also known as instant pots, multi-cookers, or pressure canners, have a long history, dating back to the 17th century. These devices utilize sealed pots and elevated pressure to cook food faster than conventional methods. Their resurgence in popularity in recent years can be attributed to the growing demand for time-saving kitchen appliances.

But can a pressure cooker explode? The answer is it can. In numerous cases, users have reported sudden and violent explosions that propelled boiling contents across their kitchens, leading to burns, lacerations, and other severe injuries.

Such incidents have not only caused harm to individuals but also resulted in extensive property damage, raising serious concerns over the safety of these seemingly innocuous kitchen gadgets.

Causes of Pressure Cooker Explosions

According to TorHoerman Law, pressure cooker explosions have been linked to several factors, including manufacturing defects, faulty safety features, and improper use by consumers. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Faulty Seals: A compromised or defective sealing ring can lead to pressure buildup and cause an explosion during cooking.
  • Design Flaws: Poorly designed pressure valves or inadequate safety mechanisms can fail to release excess pressure, leading to catastrophic results.
  • User Error: Incorrect assembly, overfilling, or rapid pressure release can cause pressure cookers to malfunction and explode.

The Legal Battles: Lawsuits Against Manufacturers

As pressure cooker explosions became more prevalent, an increasing number of victims and their families sought justice through legal channels. These lawsuits predominantly target the manufacturers of pressure cookers, claiming negligence, product liability, and failure to warn consumers of potential dangers.

Lawsuit Filed Against Zavor America Inc.

In February 2021, a woman from New York took legal action against Zavor America Inc. (also known as Fecna America Inc. or Fagor America Inc.). The lawsuit was in response to an incident that occurred on February 23, 2018, when her Fagor EZ Lock pressure cooker exploded. The explosion caused the woman to sustain serious burns as the boiling hot contents of the pressure cooker spilled over her body.

The lawsuit alleges that despite the presence of supposed “safety features” in the product, the lid can still be removed while heat, steam, and pressure build up inside, leading to the hazardous incident.

Instapot Malfunction

In July 2021, a mother from Pennsylvania filed a new lawsuit involving an Instant Pot on behalf of her two-year-old daughter. According to her claim, while preparing soup in the cooker on September 18, 2020, an error message appeared on the screen after the cooking process was completed.

Attempting to address the situation, she released the pressure valve and assumed the unit was no longer pressurized. However, when she started to remove the lid, it unexpectedly shot open, causing the scalding hot contents to spew into the kitchen and onto her daughter, who was sitting nearby in a chair.

As a result, the little girl sustained third-degree burns on various parts of her upper body,  necessitating immediate hospitalization and medical treatment.

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Explosion

On January 6, 2019, a resident of Huntington Beach, California, experienced significant burn injuries due to an explosion involving his Cuisinart pressure cooker, which is manufactured by Conair Corporation. The incident occurred when the man attempted to open the cooker’s lid after it indicated that the pressure inside had been released.

However, this turned out to be inaccurate, leading to the lid bursting open and hot contents being sprayed all over the surroundings. As a consequence, the victim suffered severe burns from the scalding contents.

Lawsuit Filed Against Tristar Inc.

A woman from Georgia has taken legal action against Tristar Inc., the manufacturer of her Power Pressure Cooker, after experiencing severe burn injuries due to a malfunction in the pressure cooker.

According to the lawsuit, the woman named Samantha W. claims that the Tristar pressure cooker exploded and discharged hot steam and other contents, resulting in severe burns to her body.

Samantha had received the pressure cooker as a gift, and around two months later, in February 2017, she was preparing beef stew. During the cooking process, she noticed a strange humming and buzzing noise emanating from the pressure cooker.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, the Power Cooker XL exploded, causing the top of the pressure cooker to come off. As a result, Samantha suffered severe burns as scalding-hot beef stew sprayed all over her body and kitchen.

The Outcomes and Impact on the Industry

The outcomes of pressure cooker explosion lawsuits have varied, with some cases resulting in substantial settlements or jury awards for the victims, while others have been resolved in favor of the manufacturers.

However, the sheer number of lawsuits and the negative publicity surrounding these incidents have had a significant impact on the pressure cooker industry.

To address growing safety concerns, some manufacturers have implemented design changes and improved safety features in their products. Additionally, there has been a push for stricter industry regulations and testing standards to prevent future incidents.


Pressure cooker explosions have become a subject of concern and legal scrutiny in the United States. While these accidents are relatively uncommon, the consequences can be devastating.

As consumers, it’s essential to be informed about potential risks, adhere to safety guidelines, and choose products from reputable manufacturers. Pressure cooker manufacturers must prioritize safety, proper design, and clear warnings to protect their customers and maintain the integrity of their brands in the face of mounting pressure cooker explosion lawsuits.


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